I have not been starting any other projects. No excuse for this. Well one good excuse depending on the way you look at it. I’m trying to finish all of the scarves that I have on my needles. All of them. Meaning no more new projects until I have finished the scarves…and no more yarn. Yes, I know you have heard that one before. Many times. From many people. I’ll let you know when I fail completely and show you pictures of the new yarn I buy. That being said, notice I said nothing about buying new knitting books.

Not that I have a problem buying new knitting books. I only own a few…I own Stitch and Bitch: A Knitters Handbook and Stitch and Bitch Nation as well as Confessions of a Knitting Heretic. I will be getting Stitch and Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker soon. I have flipped through a few knitting and crochet books and I have to say that Annie Modesitt and Debbie Stroller speak in a language that I can understand. They both have things in their book that no other book has and VERY easy to follow directions. Great for a new knitter.

So I went down to my Aunt’s birthday in Concord, CA for dinner at Benihanas. The food was good, the service was fast and the guys at the other table were drunk and obnoxious, but we tried to ignore them.


The chef worked so fast, this was the best picture I got of him. Check out the onion volcano.

After the dinner, I asked my mom if she wanted to go to the book store and away we went to look through the knitting and crochet book…mom crochets. But of course we spent the time making fun of a lot of the books and laughing like we were high. We found at least four “knitting for your dog” books. Funny how there were no “knitting for your cat” books. My cats would TOTALLY love a sweater like this. Oh well.


A dog sweater that any dog would want to tear off their body, but still look damn cute in.

I didn’t buy a dog knitting book, but Knitting for Dogs seems to have a lot of cute patterns in it.

I did find two books to take home. The first one was on sale for five bucks. I did not read through it much before I got it…just saw some of the stitches that I wanted to try. It gave me some ideas at least and it was cheap. Not for the new knitter though. The directions are not very good. I wish I had read through it better at the store. I might not have bought it. It’s called The Knitting Directory.

The one I loved was The Knitting Answer Book and it was worth the buy. You have a question? It’s in here. I can’t rave about this book enough. I had no idea there were more then five ways to cast on…there are. This book is awesome.

I always go to the children’s section to see the children’s books and sometimes get them for my classroom. I don’t go to book stores a lot so I don’t know if this just came out or if it has been out for years, but it was just too cute to ignore.


Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Jen Corace


Hey, I don’t like to eat peas…I totally understand why ‘Little Pea’ has the long face.

And yes, it is still raining. I went back to San Francisco anyways and got this cool shot from Fort Point by the Golden Gate.


Behind me people were surfing and when I say surfing I really mean they were sitting on their boards because the waves were too rough



March 25, 2006

Just more mountains of yarn to be rolled up into balls and made into something.  People ask me why I roll all of my yarn into balls,  even if it is a center pull skein.  I honestly don’t know.  Sometimes it fits in my bag better and sometimes I just want something to do with my hands.  I don’t like to have to pull at my yarn while I am Knitting so it’s easy to have  a ball unraveling at my feet.

I have plenty of the Purple wool and not so much of the brown wool so I might try to make a hat AND scarf this time.  Wow,  I am so living on the edge.


Yum, purple and it’s pretty soft too.


Ok, so this mess is a little scratchy.  It will get rolled up and put away for now.

I Love Alpaca

March 25, 2006

I only have one ball of this very light brown thick Alpaca yarn.  I am waiting for two more balls to come in from a yarn shop since it’s very popular.  It has been sold out for months.

No clue what to knit.

Three Cables

March 25, 2006

Here is a thin scarf I made in a grey Alpaca yarn I got from a yarn shop in Lake Tahoe.  I think the brand name was “Wings,”  but I’m not sure.  It’s soft to work with though.  I knit stitched each edge stitch to make the curved edge.  The cables are six stitches wide with Stockinette stitch three stitches wide inbetween and four on the sides.


It’s Thin,  but it’s warm

My Tools

March 25, 2006

I love paraphernalia of any kind.  I have the thing that goes with the thing for anything I do.  Not that I spend a lot of money getting these things,  but I do like to buy good quality things.  Things that will last and get more beautiful with age.  I think I got this from my grandfather who I inherited some of my household tools from.  That hammer I got from him is the best hammer I will ever use.  It must be years old by now.  It’s worn down and stained on it’s wood handle,  but it’s one of the most beautiful tools I own.

Part of the reason I Knit and/or Crochet is that I get some “me” time.  Part of that is putting on some good music,  lighting a scented candle and settling down with some soft fuzzy yarn.  Wooden tools blend right into this situation,  but the most important reason I use wood is so my hands do not hurt.  When my hands are hurting from working the yarn or computer use,  wood is warm and softer then metal.  The yarn won’t slip off as bad at plastic and metal.  Plus there is an amazing wood turner in Ohio that makes the most beautiful hooks and needles.  Go check him out!

Turn of the Century

The Hooks


The hooks come in so many different woods from around the world and sizes…even sizes that no one else has.  The smallest size is 3.75mm and the largest is 19mm.

The Needles

I use Clover bamboo knitting needles.  You can find them at any craft store that sells knitting supplies.  I got my double pointed needles from Bambooneedlegirl on Ebay.  She sells wonderful bamboo needles and Crochet hooks and I look forward to buying something from her for the third time.  Bamboo is so light that you hardly notice the needles in your hands sometimes.

The Cases

Both the Needle and Crochet cases are made by women in Vietnam so they can provide for their families.  Not only did I help them by buying both cases, but they help me out as well.  There is a place for everything and even a zippered pouch for everything else.  I am tough on my things sometimes so I added snaps to my cases,  but they do hold everything well.  Both cases are made of silk and are in the Jade/Chocolate color.  There are five other color combos and they are not expensive.  It was $25 for the Crochet case and $35 for the needle case.  Check them out below.

Lantern Moon

Crochet Case



Needle Case



Yes another one,  but this time it’s not Homespun.  It’s James C. Brett Marble in shade “MT6.”  It is acrylic.  Like everything else I have posted.  I am hording the good Wool and Alpaca for the “right” project.  Someday…


Yes, I also make stitch markers out of cyrstal and small old hoop earings.

Change colors!  And change colors and change colors and…

Every 20 rows of Garter stitch,  I just changed the color of the self-striping Homespun yarn in two colors,  “Tudor” and “Sierra.”


I want to make one of these again, but in different colors that would blend better.