And I have one too.  I mean,  how could I not get a blog?  I got everything else online that everyone else had.  Not only could I keep up with everyone,  but I could keep up with myself.  I am human and I like the “New and Improved!”  No,  I’m not a sheep.  I don’t buy into everything.  I hate Pop music and most TV shows.  I don’t have an IPOD and I don’t shop at Old Navy or The Gap.  I have no idea What’s cool or uncool these days.  I really don’t care.

But I did change from Yahoo!  to Gmail.  I keep up on the latest DJ mix and try to catch DJ Tiesto’s mixes on any time I can manage it.  I watch The Sopranos and The Daily Show regularly.  I burn my music to CD to play in my CD player because it’s cheaper and I shop at Ross for the styles of last year.  I know what’s cool for me and I know what can make my life easier.

I never started a blog before because I had little I wanted to share about my life on the Internet.  I didn’t have anything I needed to keep track of or admire a change by looking back on.  I was just living my life,  going to my job and working in a relationship…and no matter how good,  they are a lot of work!

But like an old Grandmother on a Sunday afternoon after church,  I knit and crochet.  But this twenty something lady does not know how to read patterns…so I just make shit up.  And by making shit up,  I mean I start projects and hardly ever finish them and go on to something else because they either don’t work out like I planned or I think of something better.  When I do finish something I just move on to the next thing.  I need to keep track of everything I make or try so I stop waisting good Alpaca and Silk yarn.  I need to work on my skills so I can make more shapes then squares or rectangles.

So there it is.  I’m starting a (Oh no not another craft site) blog.  Does this make me a sheep or just someone who uses sheep hair to make clothing and talks about it?  Either way I sound like I’m off my Grandmother’s rocking chair.


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