Oh so busy

May 21, 2006

I have done much in the last month. My family from Sweden came to see us and we spent our free time showing them around. The sun finally came out and gave us all sunburns only to hide behind the clouds again this weekend. More rain to continue the allergic reaction in all of us to the plants and trees who obviously have way too much pollen and dust on their hands. So really, I have been sick since mid April. That’s around the time that the daily high temperatures went from 60 to 80 over night, and heading up into the high 90’s.

But my cactus have been thriving. I learned from my neighbour that there was to be a cactus and Succulent show and sale that I could enter some cactus in. That night I potted a few plants and put them in the show the next day after work. I went down to San Francisco for a few days and came back to this…


First Place


First Place


Second Place ribbon?

I have no idea what the stickers Vs. the ribbons mean, but cool all the same.


One Response to “Oh so busy”

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