My first baby blanket

April 19, 2006

A lady I work with just found out that she would be having a boy and that gave me a good reason to rush to Joann’s and get some yarn for my first baby blanket. How could I not make a blanket for her?

I decided on this yarn…


Bernat Boucle was my first yarn. Sure, I really started with a Red Heart yarn in light mossy Green, but Boucle was the one AFTER the starter yarn. The one I had waited to pick out on my own after I made the ceremonial first project, the wash cloth. It was my first scarf and the first scarf-gifts for Christmas 2004. It will be so perfect for this new baby, who will also be my student in just under a year.

I have already done the first stripe. It’s just going to be very simple. Three rows of double crochet, three of single and three more rows of double crochet. Then on to the next color. This will have sort of a wavy effect, but still be boyish. It will be soft and not too warm since the baby is due in the summer time. But it will still be warm enough for the winter and the best part , it’s washable AND you can put it in the dryer.


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