Rain, rain go away. And don’t freakin come back!

April 7, 2006

So I got a little sun in the last two days. In fact it got pretty hot on Thursday. Well not HOT hot, but it still was hot enough to shock me when I got into my car after work. If I had AC in my car that worked, I might have turned it on. So, hot enough. Then today it started off warm. It was nice to sit outside with the children and feel the sun warm my back in no time at all. I could see a large amount of blue sky and very few little fluffy clouds.

Then when I was on my way home it got colder…darker and finally wetter. It’s raining again. Yay.


Another view of the American River. I used to park near those trees, ten feet or more under the water. The call box is up on the hill above the parking lot.


The sidewalk that used to lead to your car from the bathrooms on the hill.


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