Giants in the Rain

April 4, 2006

So on Sunday, Patrick and I drove down to see the Giants play the A’s…in the rain. Is there any other type of weather? I’m forgetting what the sun looks like.

The baseball players looked just as jazzed about the weather as we did, therefore they did not try too hard and the A’s won. It was fun though, Bonds even played. I don’t care to comment on the whole scandal revolving around him, but the billboard near the park said in big letters “Trade Berry!” It was funny and mean all in one. That’s about as much thought as I will put into it.

We drove around for a few hours after the game. Half to look around at things we have not seen before and half because we needed to find a bathroom. Something that’s very hard to find and you just might have to pay for it when you do. Or go in a Port-A-Potty and those are just not me anymore. I’ll hold it, thanks.

But sometimes in the rain, some colors come out that you just don’t see every sunny day. I love how everything is shiny and clean. Did I say sometimes? Because I really mean that. Here are the pictures anyway…


Spring Training?


The Golden Gate.


Pond at Palace of Fine Arts.


Lady at the Palace.

SA5002371.jpgNope, not fog. Just low rain clouds.


And the car picture…my MX-6 this time.


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