Otters and the Death of the Vacation Pictures

March 25, 2006

I was so upset to hear that the business trip that Patrick was going on would be during the week.  I grew up in Santa Cruz and wanted to be able to go with him down to Monterey and show him around.  It’s a trip we have always wanted to take,  but something else always comes up.  So he was going it alone and he was going to bring back pictures.  He was even going to go to the aquarium in Monterey.  I was excited that one of us was going down there and maybe this would be the start of a new trip in the works.

That’s one thing about Patrick,  he’s a pack rat when it comes to information about the places he visits.  I am still sifting through packets and post cards from two years ago.  The pictures are worse.  I had to miss a trip to Florida with him and all I got back was a bunch of pictures of clouds.  The year before,  I had the cam in my hand, so thank god we got some pictures of the area and family.

No matter where we go,  Patrick will always take pictures of the clouds in the sky and sunsets.  When we were in Finland two or three summers ago,  he went down to the river by my families house at the same time every night to get the 11:30pm sunset.  But most of that trip was spent snapping large bodies of water.  When we went camping in Salt Point,  CA the cam was pointed towards the birds, never mind the baby skunk that I totally wanted to catch on the memory card.  But this trip,  not only did he bring back three post cards of Otters,  but he took four pictures of fish at the aquarium and over TWENTY-FIVE pictures of Otters.  Plus the picture of his car.  That’s another picture that keeps showing up in the file after road trips.

But this story has a sweet side and not just a shit load of Otter pictures.  The night before he went to the aquarium,  Patrick called me from his hotel room to check in.  He shared that he had seen an Otter eating while he was having dinner.  I reminisced about my love for seeing Otters in the wild and went into my encyclopedia state of mind,  spouting facts about Otters including them hitting their food with rocks…with sound effects.  I guess this stuck with him as he tried to catch those fast buggers in a pose.  The action shots are amazing,  though a bit fuzzy.

Sometimes life gets busy and I forget the smallest things he does.  He told me when he got home that he loved the sharks the best,  but I saw no pictures of sharks.  Enjoy the pictures.


Relaxing after a large meal


Clean Otter next to Godliness?


The Kelp Forest, my favorite place as a kid


Patrick’s Mazda MX-6

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